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2024 Dynamo Squad is meant for boys and girls from 4th through 8th grade (10-14 years old).

​Starting in the Winter 2024 season, our Rising Youth Program (RYP) will continue to be offered in the fall and winter months. The focus during the fall will be on building fundamental skills, with the ultimate goal of creating the Dynamo Squad, our new and revamped developmental tournament teams, in the Winter session.

The Dynamo Squad will be a group of players, carefully selected based on their advanced beginner skill level. These selected players will practice separately from the Winter RYP Group, within their own age group. The Dynamo Squad members will be given the opportunity to participate in tournaments, showcasing their skills and competing against other teams.

To ensure a high level of commitment and dedication from the Dynamo Squad members, attendance will be closely monitored at every practice session. We understand that other commitments may arise, and we value the importance of balance in children's lives. However, to be considered for tournament play, players must attend a minimum of 75% of the practices leading up to each event.  This will also ensure that players who consistently attend practices can execute plays effectively during tournaments, leading to a more rewarding experience for all.

As an example, let's consider an age group OF 12 year old with 30 players. If there are four practices before a tournament and a player misses more than one practice, they will not be invited to participate in the tournament. However, they are welcome to continue attending practices for further skill development.

Each month, we will restart this process, evaluating attendance and inviting players to participate in the tournaments accordingly. In an ideal scenario where all 30 players attend all practices, we will field three teams for the tournament. The number of teams formed will depend on how many players meet the baseline attendance requirement.

We believe that this restructuring will enhance the growth and performance of our young athletes, allowing them to flourish both on and off the field. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to a successful and rewarding season with the Dynamo Squad!

  • Cost: $1,740 for the season.
  • Club fee includes the following gear: 1 – Sublimated Jersey | 2 – Practice T-Shirts | 1 – Hoodie | 1 – Spandex | 1 – Warm Up Shorts | 1 – Sling Bag / Gym Sack |($240 package, participants must purchase all pieces)
  • Club fees include the following: team sports equipment, administrative set up, NCVA tournament fees, gym rental fees, practices, and coaches’ expenses and salaries.  The decision to attend any additional tournaments outside those listed on “2023 – Sláinte Tournament Schedule” is a team decision.  Financial cost is shared equally by all members of the team regardless of whether or not a player attends.
  • Club dues do not cover team gear/uniform, USAV/NCVA membership, food, parking, transportation costs, tournaments not listed in the “2023 - Sláinte Tournament Schedule”, and entry fees and expenses for tournaments in June or July (unless specified).