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Discover the Sláinte Volleyball Club Experience: Elevating Young Athletes' Volleyball Skills and Life Lessons since 2001

who we are

Join Sláinte Volleyball Club, where we foster a unique volleyball environment for young athletes to thrive, regardless of their skill level. Our mission is to impart valuable lifelong lessons and skillsets that extend beyond the court, equipping our players to excel in both volleyball and life. Our primary aim is to equip every athlete with the skills needed to compete at the highest levels of volleyball.

At Sláinte Volleyball Club, we are passionately dedicated to cultivating well-rounded players in an enjoyable and competitive setting. We are committed to helping our athletes develop essential qualities such as being a supportive teammate, maintaining a positive attitude, nurturing a strong work ethic, showing respect and support for fellow players, and instilling unshakable confidence in themselves and their team.

Sláinte Volleyball Club operates as a non-profit organization, providing competitive and developmental programs for young athletes aged 8 to 18, both boys and girls. Additionally, we proudly sponsor the San Francisco 9 Man Inc. volleyball teams (Smash, Sky, Lady Smash & SF Wave).

our values

  • athlete centered

    Wholeheartedly devoted to nurturing versatile players.

  • cultivating well-rounded

    Committed to fostering all-around player development with passion.

  • volleyball & beyond

    Dedicated to instilling valuable lifelong lessons and skillsets.

Derived from the Irish word for 'health,' Sláinte (pronounced 'SLAWN-cha') is more than just a name; it's a toast to well-being and camaraderie. Join us in raising a glass to the Sláinte Volleyball Club experience, where we nurture the physical and personal growth of our young athletes.