Welcome to Sláinte Volleyball Club!  We are excited about the potential development as a volleyball player.  We are committed to helping players develop their volleyball skills in a healthy, competitive, and fun learning environment.  Through this experience, we hope you will develop a love for the sport and the qualities of a team player.

About our programs

Boys Tournament Season at Sláinte Volleyball Club kicks off with League Qualifiers in mid-September, followed by league tournaments starting in October. The program proudly participates in the prestigious Far Western Qualifier tournament in January, as highlighted on the NCVA website. The season is divided into two sessions, with tryouts in early August. The first session, from September to October, sees teams practicing 2 to 3 times per week and participating in 7-10 tournament dates, including NCVA Power League Tournaments and Far Western Qualifiers.

The second session, spanning June to the Fourth of July weekend, involves 2-3 weekly practices with travel required for each tournament. Teams will engage in 6-7 tournament days, featuring events like the Junior Boys Classic in Anaheim and the Boys Junior National Championships (BJNC). The 2022-2023 BJNC promises excitement in Salt Lake City, Utah. Join us for a thrilling Boys Tournament Season filled with skill development, camaraderie, and competitive spirit!