9Man Volleyball

Embrace the Rich Legacy of 9 Man Chinese Volleyball with 9Man Inc!

At 9Man Inc!, our roots run deep, tracing back to the traditional sport of 9 Man Chinese volleyball, and we're proud to share a strong connection with the North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament (NACIVT). This sport's history is as fascinating as it is spirited, with its origins dating back to the early 1930s when Chinese immigrants in North America gathered to compete in a uniquely adapted form of volleyball. Inspired by the game's remarkable history, 9Man Inc.! - where Inc! stands for Incubator - serves as the adult division of Slainte Volleyball Club. With over 78 years of collective experience, we continue the legacy handed down through generations, where fathers and grandfathers played their way into our hearts, minds, and history.

Our team, Smash, has won 6 of the last ten year’s championships, further solidifying our standing in the NACIVT community. The Smash team embodies a winning spirit, consistently proving themselves as champions both on and off the court.

But we offer more than just victories; we embrace a communal approach, valuing the support of our extended family and honoring our shared history. While 9 Man Chinese volleyball has its roots in Chinese history, we're on a mission to introduce this captivating sport to the diverse and vibrant San Francisco Bay Area community. We invite players from all races to come together and celebrate the unity of sportsmanship.

To join our annual Labor Day tournament, aspiring players must undergo a tryout in line with NACIVT guidelines. Our tryouts are scheduled to take place at the beginning of August, offering a chance to be part of a community that cherishes heritage, competition, and unity. Choose 9Man Inc. and become part of a winning program that recognizes the power of tradition, teamwork, and the spirit of the game.


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